Why a programmatic approach to fleet rebuilds is best

Programmitic fleet rebuild program delivers greater reliability and availability

Vehicle rebuilds are not new, but how they’re done can deliver greatly different outcomes for fleet managers. Taking a strategic approach, setting an overall program under which vehicle rebuilds are performed delivers lower costs over the long term and increased fleet reliability and availability which in turn deliver their own rewards.

Proactive fleet maintenance

A programmatic approach to vehicle fleet rebuilds creates a specific maintenance strategy that focuses on reliability and increased availability. This in turn decreases procurement loads and planning and brings a fixed cost model to maintenance. The benefit for fleet managers is a unified fleet which allows for a focus on proactive fleet maintenance rather than reactive.

Rotable turnkey fleet rebuilds for greater benefits

In our experience at Harness Master NSW, we prefer to employ a rotable turnkey rebuild solution. This provides our customers with a faster vehicle, machine or enclosure/cabinet changeover, which in turn delivers reduced downtime and greater operating availability. This approach also provides us with more vehicle inspection time, which further increases rebuild quality as we can identify and action changeover of failed or damaged parts.

Allowing for approved modifications

Completion of approved vehicle modifications which are directed by either the OEM or fleet management can either be baked into the vehicle rebuild program schedule, or performed ad hoc as preferred by the client. This proactive, planned maintenance approach further manages and optimises costs, especially when considering vehicle/fleet availability metrics.

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