Why our wiring harnesses are superior – Part 1: the wire

At Harness Master NSW, we apply our design and product standards to deliver a customised wiring harness solution for clients which optimises performance, installation, maintenance and serviceability for the harness application and it’s operating environment.

When it comes to the wire elements of our harnesses, those standards include:

  1. Wire choice

    We only choose from the top 3 highest performing wire specifications to suit our clients’ applications and operating environments.


  2. Wire specification

    The wires that we use at Harness Master NSW are rated up to 600 volts and up to 125 degrees and made of tinned coper which assists with delivering a more stabilised current and provides greater corrosion resistance.

    We use the highest possible strand count available within the desired gauge of each of our high performance wires, achieving a factor of up to four times the inferior / low quality alternative wire specifications available.

    Higher strand counts = greater flexibility providing longer life of individual strands which in turn provides for longer wire life – meaning fewer resulting failures from vibration due to greater resistance and withstanding movement caused degradation.


  3.  Wire insulation

    Poorly insulated PVC wire cracks, exposing bare copper to the elements which encourages corrosion and open circuits.

    Harness Master NSW high performance halogen free wire is insulated to 125 degrees Celsius and outlasts conventional wire by a factor of at least two in abrasion tests.

    Our superior insulated wire eliminates it as a fuel source in case of fire, as it’s made from self extinguishing material. It also eliminates the wire as a fire carrier or delivery mechanism to elsewhere in the machine. Whereas PVC wire is more combustible, carries fire and releases harmful toxic gas when ignited, our wire is safer to use for the operator and the machine.

    Consistent bench tests have proven that our wire insulation delivers greater performance than OEM wire in direct test comparisons. Our superior insulated wire performs better in field, allowing for greater bending of wire causing fewer strand breaks within the copper wire, leading to longer life because our wire is easier to maintain, easier to install and has a lower failure rate than conventional wire.


  4. Wire printing

    As a standard, at Harness Master NSW we print at 50mm increments along the entire length of the wire with the schematic wire number or customer preference for identification. This allows for faster installation and quicker fault finding and repair.


  5.  Wire boots

    The Harness Master NSW standard is for all externally fitted harnesses to have booted terminal ends. Our boots are custom made and feature straight and 90 degree configurations to prevent corrosion (known as green death) and provide for longer life. We also can grease or solid fill boots to water proof wire ends without affecting performance or maintenance operability.


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