Why our wiring harnesses are superior – Part 3: connectors and failure protection

At Harness Master NSW, we apply our design and product standards to deliver a customised wiring harness solution for clients which optimises performance, installation, maintenance and serviceability for the harness application and it’s operating environment.

When it comes to the connectors, terminals and failure protections that we design into wiring  harnesses, those standards include:

    1. Connectors

      At Harness Master NSW we only use genuine connectors. We custom match the connector to the wiring harness application and/or the customer specification or standard, for example MIL Spec, Deutsch, Molex etc.

      We also always apply blanking plugs or cavity plugs in all vacant connector terminations, preventing water ingress, contamination or short circuits.


    2. Terminals

      We always use closed barrel crimped terminals for more secure wire to terminal joins, preventing wire pull out which decreases wire failure, increases wire life and increases harness performance.

      Harness Master NSW can source any terminal to suit our genuine connectors.

      We only use correct tooling to achieve the specified and optimal crimp strength, height, distance etc. Use of the wrong tool will cause a failed crimp that has no hold and allows the wire to pull out of the connector leading to wire failure. Our standard is to use machine crimping to achieve consistent, repetitive and reliable outcomes.


    3. Solder joins

      We know that solder joins create weak spots in a wiring harness, but are sometimes a design necessity. However they can be in the top 4 causes of harness failure. We design/build out failure from solder joins by optimising the solder location in the harness design, using external solder joins or Buss Recipticals and through our advanced manufacturing techniques.


    4. Strain relief

      At Harness Master NSW, we design and apply strain relief solutions to wiring harnesses where its application of assembly placement means termination points are under significant tension, weight or load. This extends the life of the harness by decreasing failure rates in high failure prone environments.


    5. Labelling

      We always label every wiring harness branch end to make installation and fault finding faster and cheaper. We always apply main labels to identify the wiring harness for replacement and during installation.

      We also always serialise every wiring harness that we manufacture, also capturing date of manufacture to allow for future rebuild / replacement. Because of this serialisation, we can re-manufacture any wiring harness for any customer that we have ever made

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