Leadership & Philosophy

“Nothing is ever too hard, it’s just a solution we haven’t developed yet.”

Harness Master NSW is led by Anthony Kropp and supported by a team of experienced, qualified professionals who excel at what they do. The team are expert trouble shooters who are highly skilled at diagnosing, re-building wiring and brackets and enclosures, designing bespoke hydraulic and PLC systems, and harnessing products.

Harness Master NSW has developed a reputation for being the company that clients contact when other companies can’t solve their problems. Our team has a passion designing better, more robust, dependable electrical solutions for a range of industries.

“At Harness Master NSW, we are risk averse but innovative and continually embrace technology and opportunities to improve or develop new products, systems and processes.

Working with a range of industries and clients has meant we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience which our clients benefit from when we design their tailored solutions.

We’ll take on projects that others won’t because we love a challenge and to us, there’s no such thing as “can’t be done”. Nothing is ever too hard, it’s just a solution we haven’t developed yet.

We take great pride in offering quality products, service, and outcomes. We try to see every project from the customer’s point of view – we imagine we are onsite, working on it, installing it, servicing, or replacing it – and then design a turn-key solution that’s exactly right for them.”

Anthony Kropp, Managing Director, Harness Master NSW

The Team

Our team has a collaborative approach where individual contributions are appreciated and expected. Our work is challenging and interesting and we value team members who can think independently, creatively and bring a positive attitude to their work.

We employ:

  • Industry experienced tradies
  • Experienced manufacturers
  • Innovative and structured engineers
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Proficient business professionals

Bring us your challenge!

Get in

Know what you want but not sure how to do it? Trust us to bring your idea to life with quality, innovative, custom designs and builds.