Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we regularly get asked.

How quickly can you make my wiring harness?
I keep having machine/vehicle reliability problems from the electrical system – can you solve them or fix them?
How many wiring harnesses can you make for me?
Can you source hard to find, rare or discontinued electrical parts?
I’ve got an OEM wiring harness that has failed – can you remake it?
I have a wiring harness that Harness Master NSW manufactured in 2014 that needs replacement – can you re-manufacture it?
Can Harness Master NSW design a wiring harness or electrical solution based on my needs or a concept?
Do you have stock on the shelf of wiring harnesses and electrical parts?
I have a friend who is an auto electrician and can make wiring harnesses for me – why should I buy from Harness Master NSW?
My business has a fleet of 250 vehicles that need to be fitted to mine specification (mine-spec) prior to delivery – what can you do for us?
Does Harness Master NSW refit or refurbish operator cabins?
Can you manufacture or refurbish complete electrical boxes and cabinets?
Can you provide a plug and play kit to streamline my businesses vehicle or machine installation and service activities?

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