Industries we support

Our R&D capabilities enable us to continually extend the range of industries we support.

Today, Harness Master NSW works with a range of industry sectors

Manufacturers and fabricators

We manufacture our products and solutions with superior, high-quality materials that we trust and have thoroughly tested.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

We have developed bespoke solutions for some of the world’s largest OEM companies including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Penske Power Systems, and Cummins.


Working collaboratively with our mining clients, Harness Master NSW’s solutions ensure mine sites are effectively managed, and down-time is minimised.

Oil & Gas

Our turn-key solutions are being used by mining companies to streamline processes. Every product we design, manufacture, install and service undergoes a rigorous, multi-stage quality assurance process.


Our seamless management and co-ordination of all trades and vendors, provides next level support for local, state, and federal government projects.


Commercial clients across Australia value our practical field, engineering, and trade-based experience. It ensures we scope, design, test and manufacture products based on an in-depth knowledge of what works.


We are renowned for designing and manufacturing superior “for purpose” products for our customers. Our innovations provide real-time insights across entire fleets for the transport industry.


Our products are designed and manufactured by a team of expert problems solvers. Our solutions are being used across Australia’s agricultural sector.


From idea to proof of concept, our innovative, bespoke electrical design solutions support defence forces around the world.

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Know what you want but not sure how to do it? Trust us to bring your idea to life with quality, innovative, custom designs and builds.