Harness Master NSW announces partnership with SGESCO-MAX

Installation of Heavy Vehicle Safety Solutions

We are pleased to announce that Harness Master NSW are partnering with SGESCO-MAX to sell and install their MAX-SAFE – MAXIMUM SAFETY range of heavy vehicle solutions. Already installed on over 18,000 vehicles, MAX-SAFE is the leading technology in keeping people and property safe.

Higher Safety Outcomes for Fleet Managers

MAX-SAFE incorporates an entire vehicle safety eco-system using innovative technologies that marry mechanical engineering, IT and leading fleet and safety management software. The MAX-SAFE Safety Eco System provides a holistic approach to heavy vehicle safety. It combines an array of active safety solutions with driver behaviour and educational tools to provide fleet managers the ability to deliver higher safety outcomes than ever before.

Expanding our Service Capabilities

Harness Master NSW is excited to add this safety solution to its range of service capabilities. Our service solutions are supported by our team of qualified trade professionals, each possessing extensive field experience. Our service capabilities include installations and vehicle fitouts, mining machine cab overhauls, product refurbishments, rotable solutions, turn-key maintenance and service solutions, breakdown service and general auto electrical.

Call us on 1300 GETWIRED to learn more, or email us at sales@harnessmasternsw.com.au to find out how MAX-SAFE can work for you.

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