Why our wiring harnesses are superior – Part 2: wire protection

At Harness Master NSW, we apply our design and product standards to deliver a customised wiring harness solution for clients which optimises performance, installation, maintenance and serviceability for the harness application and it’s operating environment. 

As a standard we ensure that our wiring harnesses (wire or cable assemblies) are protected in one of the following ways:

    1. Braiding over wire

      Our high performance braid is made from PVC coated nylon yarn and has been carefully selected for it’s high tensile and temperature tolerance properties. Our braid reduces oil, water, dirt and grease retention in the wiring harness to negligible levels to ensure continual operation of the wire along with serviceability when compared to conduit, which also abrades the wire inside where vibration occurs, exposing the copper.

      • Braid fire resistance
        The vinyl coating of our high performance braid is fire resistant and contributes sufficient fire retardancy to the yarn. Ideally suited to external applications, our high performance braid firmly grips the wires inside to protect them from rubbing and movement within the assembly, allowing them to breathe, disperse heat and moisture where conduit would hold and retain them reducing performance and life span.

      • Braid flexibility
        The Harness Master NSW production process allows for flexibility where we can braid according to hybrid design requirements, so that some parts of the harness are flexible and others rigid depending on the application, environment and installation or service requirements. We can also increase abrasion resistance by increasing or decreasing braid thickness.

      • Harness branches
        We consider harness branching in our designs, applying either a T-bone or Y branch design depending on the routing requirement in the machine or assembly, which increases the reliability and longevity of the braid to better protect the harness and prevent wire exposure.

      • Braid colours
        We choose from 11 colours of braid to make customer defined harness colour ways. We are responsible for defining the colour standard for fire system harnesses in use across Hunter Valley mine sites, in addition to isolated, un-isolated and E-Stop harnesses. Colour can be used to identify circuits or systems, the wiring harness application and even align with customer branding and corporate colours.


    2. Cloth tape

      We believe that cloth tape is best suited to internally fixed wiring harnesses. Where the wiring harness is passing through partitions, we employ several taping techniques depending on the wiring harness application and it’s environment and can keep the wire flexible for greater movement within enclosures and internal environments while also boosting flame retardance.


    3. Vitaflex
      Effectively a cloth tube not unlike an oven wire coating, vitaflex increases temperature resistance of wiring harnesses to lower failure rates, increase operational life and operability in high heat environments.

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