Bale Defence seeks robust electrical solution

Bale Defence is a family-owned engineering company, dedicated to supporting the Australian Defence Force and its allies.


Bale Defence built a Rough Terrain Vehicle prototype and engaged Harness Master NSW to build a robust electrical system suitable for harsh conditions.

Using original design documents provided by the client, the Harness Master NSW team formally
documented the prototype and began identifying opportunities to optimise design.

1.Our team modified the harness into a kit consisting of multiple harnesses, making it faster to install, faster to service and easier for Bale’s defence customers to use.
2.To improve performance, temperature tolerance and decrease failure potential, we upgraded the wire and provided braid for extra protection.
3.We sourced more suitable electrical connectors and identified difficult to source parts and recommended more readily available alternatives.
4.We created branch labels to confirm connector function.
5.During manufacturing, we completed six stages of rigorous testing to ensure the correct materials and procedures were used to create exactly the right product.
6.We conducted computer circuit testing to provide assurance that harnesses were schematically correct, and then provided Bale Defence with the complete schematics.


Harness Master NSW’s work resulted in a more robust, secure, sustainable, and purpose-built Rough Terrain Vehicle for Bale Defence – and the client was delighted.

Our efforts enabled them to meet their deadlines for large quantity orders and dispatch according to schedule. The client was able to focus on other projects while we fine-tuned their prototype. The trust that was built during this engagement has resulted in additional discussions about future collaborations.

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