Glencore requires streamlined approach

Glencore is one of Australia's largest producers of coal, cobalt, zinc, nickel and copper and operates 25 mines in Australia. Bulga coal mine (Bulga) is located 15 kilometres south-west of Singleton, in New South Wales' Upper Hunter Valley.


Bulga was experiencing a lack of uniformity amongst their fleet of mine site vehicles. This resulted in the company needing a wider range of parts, coupled with a larger labour force equipped with more varied knowledge and skills to support fleet maintenance. This resulted in higher costs and increased rebuild timeframes which jeopardised project delivery timelines. Bulga engaged Harness Master NSW to create a better, more efficient, cost-effective way of servicing and maintaining their fleet of mine site vehicles.

Harness Master NSW team worked with the client to streamline the entire servicing and maintenance process, including rebuilding the parts and maintenance program.

We worked with Bulga’s maintenance planners and supervisor to redevelop a bespoke, turn-key solution which delivered easy to use, long-lasting harness and parts kits, in support of a robust maintenance strategy. This sets-up the mine’s direction for the future, focusing on reliability and increased availability achieved through conformity across fleet.


The client can now monitor hours and change-out times to reduce hours and running costs. Our solution increased reliability across the fleet and improved efficiencies to support a reliable supply chain.

The Harness Master team worked closely with Bulga to understand their needs and develop a bespoke solution. As a result, Bulga’s vehicles are now on the system and coded so they are informed when change-out needs to occur, based on the lifespan of the product. Vehicles are now maintained more efficiently, which means less downtime and reduced costs for the client – a great benefit to them.

These solutions also help reduce procurement load, planning with fixed costs, unified fleet, meaning the mine can continue with proactive (instead of reactive) maintenance.

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