Penske Rail use telemetry for real-time data

Penske Australia & New Zealand (Penske) operates automotive and commercial vehicle dealerships across the United States and Western Europe.


Penske wanted to implement a remote engine monitoring system (telemetry) to its fleet of rail engines. The telemetry system, once operational, would give the engineers real-time data on cylinder temperatures, helping to identify issues before they become problems and cause breakdowns. Penske’s engineers had designed a system, however they were unsure how to physically implement it.

We designed a specific “for purpose” enclosure to house all necessary components within the design constraints, provided by the client.

The design engineers could not provide us with a clear answer regarding the pinout configuration for the modules to be used and the enclosure interface, so we took it upon ourselves to draw-up a pinout table for the design engineers that everyone in the project could work from.

This allowed us to choose the appropriate bulkhead connectors for the interface and begin the design of the internal harnesses.


At Harness Master NSW, we understand the value of being able to design and make a harness to install into an enclosure as a finished product. Working this way greatly reduces assembly time and ensures a higher level of quality. As a result, we designed and manufactured a bespoke enclosure and shipped it to New Zealand.

Once the first enclosures reached their destination, the client required a supplementary mounting bracket for the enclosure.

As we had custom designed the enclosure, we were able to design and manufacture the necessary mounting bracket quickly and easily.

The client was highly appreciative of the custom solution we provided.

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