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SwarmFarm Robotics is an Australian company leading the development of agricultural robots for crop production.


A skeleton of a farming machine was delivered to Harness Master NSW and Swarmfarm Robotics wanted us to design the full electrical schematic for the machine.

The Harness Master NSW team were given free rein to design the electrics (harnesses and control boxes) of the entire machine. The result was designed collaboratively between Swarmfarm Robotics’ engineering department, our engineers and our trained technicians who have experience in the field.

Here are a few things we did…


We schematically designed harnesses for manufacturing to be used a prototype. We used a higher quality wire than is typically used in the automotive industry. This longer-lasting, better performing wire fails less and has a higher temperature tolerance and tensile strength.


Our prototype was designed to meet increased standards which are required in mining, as the usual quality standards found in agriculture/vehicles are low. We recommended new materials to improve design or if others are obsolete/hard to source.


We fitted the prototype of the machine and made amendments to schematics and layout of harnesses for correct use, ease of installation, and fault-finding purposes, using our modular, “plug-n-play” design.


We provided complete kits containing everything needed to install the harness or enclosure (including custom-made brackets, nuts and bolts). Harnesses can also be individually ordered.


We included wire, harness and branch identification on the harnesses which makes the harness easier to install and easier to service/maintain/repair. If you read what a wire/branch or harness does on a label, you don’t need to guess, read and interpret a schematic or use trial and error to figure it out.


We installed a TM booted connector for extra protection against corrosion of the wires terminating into the connector. This provides better performance, longer life and less failure.


Harness Master NSW has, and continues to, support SwarmFarm Robotic’s growth as a company and as their preferred supplier for electrical design and manufacturing.

Our collaboration has enabled them to bring to market a unique technological solution designed to make the agricultural sector more efficient and productive.

Harness Master NSW has scaled to support SwarmFarm Robotics so they can meet their customer orders. We have the materials/stock available to produce the large quantities their customers require, enabling them to keep to their build schedule and provide streamlined after sales support to their clients. 

Our flexibility and agility supports SwarmFarm Robotics to meet their goals and KPIs, which ultimately delivers win/win outcomes for both companies.

The two companies continue to regularly work together to identify and implement new or improved solutions, as technology advances and requirements evolve.

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