HMS Group seeks improved production solution


HMS Group redeveloped their Compact HMS 200 mini loader vehicle, and engaged Harness Master NSW to assist turning their prototype into a simpler, more reliable and higher quality production model that could be manufactured faster and more cost effectively.

Working with the actual prototype vehicle, the Harness Master NSW team began by evaluating and documenting the machine, looking for design improvement opportunities.


Our team found the prototype design included excess wire, circuits and low quality materials that were incompatible with the vehicles’ intended firefighting, military and mining machine applications.


To improve and simplify manufacture and performance we redesigned the electrical wiring system, simplifying the complex prototype design and decreasing the footprint in the engine bay to make a production version that’s easier, faster and cheaper to install and maintain.


To improve performance and environmental tolerance. increase longevity and decrease failure potential, we specified harnesses with MDG compliant wires, braid and electrical connectors for extra protection.


We applied our quality assurance process, which includes computer controlled point to point testing to ensure that no high resistance was present and the product was built as per the design.


We delivered comprehensive documentation, designs, complete schematics, test results and harness drawings for simpler ongoing service and maintenance.


Harness Master NSW’s work provided HMS Group with a production ready vehicle that was easier, faster and cheaper to manufacture while also being more robust and suitable for operating in harsh firefighting, military and mining environments.

We supported HMS Group through their broader vehicle redesign project, delivering our part on time and as specified. Our technical support, high level of engagement and the provision of both a high quality design and physical harness product delighted our client. We continue to work closely with HMS Group for the manufacture and supply of harnesses and parts across their suite of manufactured products.    

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